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Current Lab Members

Principal Investigator Dayu Lin

Dayu Lin, Ph.D.
Dayu Lin received her Ph.D. degree from Department of neurobiology at Duke University in 2005, mentored by Dr. Lawrence C. Katz. She then continued her postdoctoral training at Caltech with Dr. David J. Anderson. In November 2010, she started her independent research group at NYU Langone medical center studying the neural mechanisms of social behaviors.

Lab Manager/Research Associate
Alise Hiu Ching Au

Alise Hiu Ching Au
Alise graduated from Binghamton University in 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering. She is responsible for performing lab duties, as well as carrying out her own independent project to study the neural circuit underlying social behaviors.

Postdoctoral Fellows
Annegret Falkner

Annegret Falkner, Ph.D.
Annegret Falkner is a postdoctoral fellow interested in the neural origins of aggressive drive and premeditated violence. She uses a combination of electrophysiology, electromyography, and optogenetics in mouse models. She completed her PhD at Columbia University with Mickey Goldberg in 2012.

Koichi Hashikawa

Koichi Hashikawa, Ph.D.
Koichi Hashikawa received his Ph.D. in 2013 from University of Tokyo. He is interested in elucidating neuronal circuits and processes responsible for female social behaviors such as aggression and reproduction using electrophysiology and loss and gain of functional manipulations.

Takashi Yamaguchi

Takashi Yamaguchi, PH.D.
Takashi Yamaguchi received his Ph. D. degree from Osaka University under the supervision of Prof. Shigetada Nakanishi in 2013. After his Ph. D. and postdoctoral training in Nakanishi's lab, he jonined Lin's lab in the spring 2015. He is interested in the neural substrates of mating and fighting circuits beyond the hypothalamus.

Graduate Students
Yi-Ya Fang

Yi-Ya Fang, M.S.
Yi-Ya received her master’s degree from National Taiwan University before enrolled in the NYU Sackler program in 2012. She joined the lab in the summer 2013, pursuing her quest for understanding the neural mechanisms underlying maternal behavior.

Li Wang

Li Wang
Li Wang started her graduate study in 2012 and joined the lab in summer 2013. She has a strong passion for animal behaviors and their neural underpinnings.


Master Students


Jiaming Lyu, NYU


Undergraduate Students


Anjeli Song, NYU
Stephan Spivack, NYU


High School Students


Kevin Mao, Staten Island Technical High School
Amy Kuang, Staten Island Technical High School

Alumni (current position)
Postdoctoral Fellows

Li Chin Wong, 2011-2015, (PTC Therapeutics)


Irene Chen, 2010-2012 (Ross Medical School, M.D. candidate)

Master Students

Genghe Chen 2011-2013, (Graduate student at UT Austin)
Xuedi You 2013-2014

Undergraduate Students

James Feng 2011-2013, NYU (NYU School of Medicine, MD candidate)
Brian Chang 2011-2013, NYU (Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, MD candidate)
Kevin Yen 2011-2012, NYU (University of British Columbia, MD candidate)
Emmanuel Quaidoo, 2012 SURP student, Columbia University
Nathan Ming 2012
Kevin Liu, 2013-2014, NYU
Robert Heins , 2013 SURP, Swarthmore College (Research assistant, NIH)
Mari Purpura, 2014, Summer, Claremont College (Graduate student at UCSB)
Nicole A Leal, 2015, NYU (NYU)

High School Students

Kaitlin Ferguson, 2011-2012, Yorktown High School (Barnard college)

Visiting Scholars

Jiaxing Zhang 2012-2013, (Professor, Xiamen University, China)

M.D. Residents

Stephen Trevick 2011-2012 (resident at NYU medical center)

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